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Electronics Design

More about electronics design

Module, subassembly, or complete electronics system design, from assisting with initial specification through circuit design, pcb design, to production documentation, test fixtures and writing the press release or article for the intranet site.

* delivery *

* on time *

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Website Design

More about website design

Web designs which comply with standards for today’s technical and legal requirements. Working with the principles of universal design, we ensure that your site will meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act, and meet the competing needs of diverse users. Our skills include DHTML, JavaScript, CSS2, Perl 5, Visual Basic 6, Paradox 10 and ObjectPAL.

ICT training

We deliver ICT training at client's sites. We help clients to identify the learning outcomes they need, and are able to provide ongoing learner support.

Website and print editing

Website and intranet editing. Magazine editing. Technical writing.

Press and PR

Specialising in press and PR for Small and Medium Sized enterprises.

Heritage and museums

Curatorial consultancy, forward planning, collections management, training and development. Exhibition electronics, and technical projects.

Knowledge management including database design and GIS

We specialise in software search, customising, and training. From knowing 'there must be an easier way' to succession planning, we work with clients to achieve secure, stable systems to support and enhance their businesses.

And underpinning all this ....

Project management.

Strong project management skills help us to serve our clients. We also undertake management of client's projects.


If the only thing stopping you is money, talk to us! We have experience in raising funding from diverse sources including lottery, local government and trusts.

Disability access issues

We use the principles of universal design: finding sustainable solutions that work for everyone.

About us

Armstrong Consultants has been established for over 10 years. We have a proven track record in delivering projects on time and to budget.

Armstrong Consultants is a partnership between Helen Armstrong and Andrew Armstrong. A team of associates enables Armstrong Consultants to offer a unique blend skills and experience.

Armstrong Consultants specialises in complementing in-house skills.

Most of the electronics problems we have solved had already been tried, without success, by others.
Think of the technical writing when the technical understanding and the writing skills are both available.

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