DeSIGn simple example web page

Picture of my cat

If you click on the view menu, and select "view source", or whatever similar function is present in the browser you are using, then you can see the very simple source code from which this page is constructed.

Here is a link to The Tolkien Society for which the author of this is the Webmaster.

Notice that, because the images is explicitly aligned to the left, the text wraps around it. If it did not have the explicit alignment, then it would be displayed on the left in most browsers, but not have the text wrap around it.

Here is a link to the Wrox website, where it appears that "Instant HTML programmers reference" is out of print.

Here is a link to the Webmonkey website - which is a valuable source of material for web designers..

For more advanced designers, look at CSS Edge,, and A List Apart.

As an example of what designing using stylesheets can do, look at the CSS Zen Garden.

For everyone The Worldwide Web Committee and the International Webmasters Association.