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Next Issue 6th November 1998

Power Management for the Global Green Cat

Planned as the First Solar Circumnavigator, the Global Green Catamaran is designed to circumnavigate the globe in a (45ft) catamaran powered only by the output of photovoltaic solar panels and with one woman at the helm. Tony Howarth describes how the Cat will "keep going" without sails even on a cloudy day.

18-Channel Infra-red Remote Controller

Pei An describes a general purpose infra-red remote receiver which could be implemented in equipment where remote control is needed. Its partner is a handset transmitter using the BL9148/BL9150 chipset.

Timing in Electronics (Part 5): Starting and Stopping

This month Owen Bishop covers timer gating circuits to start and stop the clock. This includes a design for a reaction timer with an accuracy of 1/100 second.

PIC-Controlled MIDI Processor

Robert Penfold's MIDI processor takes a MIDI signal, processes it in one of a variety of ways, and re-sends it under PIC control. The receiver is sent the input signal via a fast opto-isolator that provides a UART with logic-level signal. Sample software is included.

Getting MORE out of PICs (Part 6): Arithmetic Routines

In the last part of this series on advanced PIC programming, Robin Abbott looks at a number of routines for arithmetic on 32 bit numbers.

A self extracting zip file containing the software is available for download. It will extract under DOS or in a DOS box under Windows.

Download PIC6

Computer Aided Design on a Shoestring

John Howden has developed a method of using an everyday spreadsheet to simulate component interactions in a circuit design, applying the spreadsheet's ability to do instant calculations.

Professional PC-Controllable 4-Line Dot Matrix Display (Part 2)

The second of three articles describing Robert Coward's modular display system with four multicoloured 24-character display lines and a display management board. This month: choosing suitable power supplies, and making any changes required to the display panels and control board.

PIC Barcode Reader Interface

Industry makes extensive use of barcodes to identify goods. Roger Thomas explains the principles behind commercial barcoding and how to decode EAN-13 barcodes using a low cost barcode reader wand and a PIC interface to a PC.

Versatile Loop Alarm

Terry Balbirnie's alarm was originally designed for his caravan, but can be used for any number of articles that can be "looped" with the alarm wire that detects a broken circuit.

The Versatile Diode

Diodes do other things besides rectifying. Keith Garwell has designed a temperature probe and two mains control applications for diode circuits.

Circuits for Music Lovers

Some circuit ideas including vocal presence and guitar Waa-waa, with a Byrd's-style "Ricky Sound" effect to build. By James Scott.

Vulkan Gas Powered Soldering Iron

Portable soldering irons can be battery powered or gas powered. This gas powered iron proved to be reliable and versatile in use.

International Model Show

The International Model Show and The Model Engineer Exhibition will be held at the Grand Hall, Olympia, from 29th December to 3rd January 1999.

Practically Speaking

Terry Balbirnie describes to achieve a required value for a variable resistor by using one of a higher value.

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